10 AC Tips for a Cool End of the Summer in August

Air Conditioning Summer Tips | Superb HVAC Repair Redwood City

During the hot end-of-the-summer month of August, people find ways to cool their bodies and minds. Some go on a beach trip with their family, and some visit summer spots to chill. But for homebodies, staying home might be enough to have a cool summer. 

If you like to spend your summers at home, there might be ways to beat the heat and make your home a bit cooler. You can consider an August air conditioning maintenance. It is a service you can hire to upgrade your air conditioning at home. You will have a great summertime with cooler and cleaner air coming out of your AC. 

What are the benefits of air conditioning services?

  • Energy-saving. An air conditioning system that lacks maintenance can collect dust and dirt. It makes the AC work with more force, straining its components. When the AC works harder because of dirt, it also uses up more energy.
  • Longer AC lifespan. Regular maintenance will benefit not only you but also your AC system. Maintaining the AC allows it to function more efficiently and provide cooling to your home for much longer.
  • Money-saving. Hiring a maintenance service for your AC will save you a lot of money. Regular maintenance will ensure the overall health of the AC system. It will protect the system from any damage and save you from spending on more repairs.
  • Improved air quality. Cleaning and updating your AC system will give you better air quality. Maintenance services will clear up your AC filters, allowing cleaner and cooler air to come out of the vents.

If you’re down for hiring an AC maintenance or AC repair in August, there are reputable companies you can hire to help you out. However, there are also simple ways you can do to keep your AC clean and functional.

  • Keep windows & doors closed. It’s one basic step, but keeping your windows and doors closed will maximize the functionality of your AC.
  • Watch out for AC leaks and immediately seal them. Sometimes, you can notice water dripping from your AC. You should know that this has an impact on your AC’s function. So, make sure you identify leaks and immediately seal them.
  • See that all vents are open. You might have learned that closing AC vents will allow your AC to send off heavier and cooler airflow. However, this is just a misconception. It is advisable that you open all vents to allow normal airflow coming from the AC.
  • Always clean up the AC vents. You want to open all the vents in your AC to maximize its functionality. But dirty and dusty vents will definitely defeat this purpose. So, make sure you always clean the vents for better and safer air quality.
  • Replace the air filters. Especially with the rise of airborne viruses, you want to breathe cleaner and safer air. Regularly cleaning and replacing your air filter will help the AC system remove more air impurities.
  • Empty & clean the dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers make the air cooler as it removes moisture. It would be best that they are clear of any collecting dirt and contaminants.
  • Unclog the outdoor unit from formed debris. Clogged debris in your outdoor unit will strain its function, affecting the overall performance of the indoor units.
  • Consider using curtains and fans. Did you know? Fans and even curtains can assist in the cooling effect your AC provides. So, you might want to consider installing these.
  • Schedule thermostat settings. If you don’t already know about this, then yes, you can actually schedule the setting of your AC thermostat. It will help you save up energy and money.
  • Hire reliable AC services. If the above tips are not enough, you can always opt for a professional to check your AC. There are many advantages to hiring a certified technician.

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